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  1. Berne & Levy Physiology 7th Edition Authors: Bruce Koeppen, Bruce Stanton March 2017 Page Count: 880 Description Berne & Levy Physiology has long been respected for its scientifically rigorous approach – one that leads to an in-depth understanding of the body’s dynamic processes. The long-awaited 7th Edition by Drs. Bruce M. Koeppen and Bruce A. Stanton, continues this tradition of excellence. With integrated coverage of biophysics and neurophysiology, key experimental observations and examples, and full-color design and artwork, this mid-size text is "just right" for a strong understanding of this complex field. Key Features An organ system-based approach clearly describes all of the mechanisms that control and regulate bodily function. Key experimental observations and examples provide a rich understanding of the body's dynamic processes. Student Consult access allows you to view the complete contents of the book online, anywhere you go, perform quick searches, tap into relevant bonus content from other Student Consult titles, test your understanding with USMLE-style review questions, add your own notes and bookmarks, and much more. Table of Contents Section 1: Cellular Physiology 1. Principles of Cell and Membrane Function 2. Homeostasis: Volume and Composition of Body Fluid Compartments 3. Signal Transduction, Membrane Receptors, Second Messengers, and Regulation of Gene Expression Section 2: The Nervous System 4. The Nervous System: Introduction to Cells and Systems 5. Generation and Conduction of Action Potentials 6. Synaptic Transmission 7. The Somatosensory System 8. The Special Senses 9. Organization of Motor Function 10. Higher Functions of the Nervous System 11. The Autonomic Nervous System and Its Central Control Section 3: Muscle View less > 12. Skeletal Muscle Physiology 13. Cardiac Muscle 14. Smooth Muscle Section 4: The Cardiovascular System View less > 15. Overview of Circulation 16. Elements of Cardiac Function 17. Properties of the Vasculature 18. Regulation of the Heart and Vasculature 19. Integrated Control of the Cardiovascular System Section 5: The Respiratory System View less > 20. Structure and Function of the Respiratory System 21. Static Lung and Chest Wall Mechanics 22. Dynamic Lung and Chest Wall Mechanics 23. Ventilation (V.), Perfusion (Q.), and V./Q. Relationships 24. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport 25. Control of Respiration 26. Nonrespiratory Functions of the Lung Section 6: Gastrointestinal Physiology View less > 27. Functional Anatomy and General Principles of Regulation in the Gastrointestinal Tract 28. The Cephalic, Oral, and Esophageal Phases of the Integrated Response to a Meal 29. The Gastric Phase of the Integrated Response to a Meal 30. The Small Intestinal Phase of the Integrated Response to a Meal 31. The Colonic Phase of the Integrated Response to a Meal 32. Transport and Metabolic Functions of the Liver Section 7: The Renal System View less > 33. Elements of Renal Function 34. Solute and Water Transport along the Nephron: Tubular Function 35. Control of Body Fluid Osmolality and Volume 36. Potassium, Calcium, and Phosphate Homeostasis 37. Role of the Kidneys in the Regulation of Acid-Base Balance Section 8: The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems View less > 38. Introduction to the Endocrine System 39. Hormonal Regulation of Energy Metabolism 40. Hormonal Regulation of Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism 41. The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland 42. The Thyroid Gland 43. The Adrenal Glands 44. The Male and Female Reproductive Systems Berne & Levy Physiology 7th ed (2017).pdf
  2. Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition 1760 pages 5th edition (October 26, 2012) ISBN-10: 0071390111 ISBN-13: 978-0071390118 Eric R. Kandel, Editor, James H. Schwartz, Editor, Thomas M. Jessell, Editor, Steven A. Siegelbaum, Editor, A. J. Hudspeth, Editor, Sarah Mack, Art Editor Part I: Overall Perspective Part I: Overall Perspective 1: The Brain and Behavior 2: Nerve Cells, Neural Circuitry, and Behavior 3: Genes and Behavior Part II: Cell and Molecular Biology of the Neuron Part II: Cell and Molecular Biology of the Neuron 4: The Cells of the Nervous System 5: Ion Channels 6: Membrane Potential and the Passive Electrical Properties of the Neuron 7: Propagated Signaling: The Action Potential Part III: Synaptic Transmission Part III: Synaptic Transmission 8: Overview of Synaptic Transmission 9: Signaling at the Nerve-Muscle Synapse: Directly Gated Transmission 10: Synaptic Integration in the Central Nervous System 11: Modulation of Synaptic Transmission: Second Messengers 12: Transmitter Release 13: Neurotransmitters 14: Diseases of the Nerve and Motor Unit Part IV: The Neural Basis of Cognition Part IV: The Neural Basis of Cognition 15: The Organization of the Central Nervous System 16: The Functional Organization of Perception and Movement 17: From Nerve Cells to Cognition: The Internal Representations of Space and Action 18: The Organization of Cognition 19: Cognitive Functions of the Premotor Systems 20: Functional Imaging of Cognition Part V: Perception Part V: Perception 21: Sensory Coding 22: The Somatosensory System: Receptors and Central Pathways 23: Touch 24: Pain 25: The Constructive Nature of Visual Processing 26: Low-Level Visual Processing: The Retina 27: Intermediate-Level Visual Processing and Visual Primitives 28: High-Level Visual Processing: Cognitive Influences 29: Visual Processing and Action 30: The Inner Ear 31: The Auditory Central Nervous System 32: Smell and Taste: The Chemical Senses Part VI: Movement Part VI: Movement 33: The Organization and Planning of Movement 34: The Motor Unit and Muscle Action 35: Spinal Reflexes 36: Locomotion 37: Voluntary Movement: The Primary Motor Cortex 38: Voluntary Movement: The Parietal and Premotor Cortex 39: The Control of Gaze 40: The Vestibular System 41: Posture 42: The Cerebellum 43: The Basal Ganglia 44: Genetic Mechanisms in Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System Part VII: The Unconscious and Conscious Processing of Neural Information Part VII: The Unconscious and Conscious Processing of Neural Information 45: The Sensory, Motor, and Reflex Functions of the Brain Stem 46: The Modulatory Functions of the Brain Stem 47: The Autonomic Motor System and the Hypothalamus 48: Emotions and Feelings 49: Homeostasis, Motivation, and Addictive States 50: Seizures and Epilepsy 51: Sleep and Dreaming Part VIII: Development and the Emergence of Behavior Part VIII: Development and the Emergence of Behavior 52: Patterning the Nervous System 53: Differentiation and Survival of Nerve Cells 54: The Growth and Guidance of Axons 55: Formation and Elimination of Synapses 56: Experience and the Refinement of Synaptic Connections 57: Repairing the Damaged Brain 58: Sexual Differentiation of the Nervous System 59: The Aging Brain Part IX: Language, Thought, Affect, and Learning Part IX: Language, Thought, Affect, and Learning 60: Language 61: Disorders of Conscious and Unconscious Mental Processes 62: Disorders of Thought and Volition: Schizophrenia 63: Disorders of Mood and Anxiety 64: Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders Affecting Cognition 65: Learning and Memory 66: Cellular Mechanisms of Implicit Memory Storage and the Biological Basis of Individuality 67: Prefrontal Cortex, Hippocampus, and the Biology of Explicit Memory Storage Appendices Appendices Appendix A: Review of Basic Circuit Theory Appendix B: The Neurological Examination of the Patient Appendix C: Circulation of the Brain Appendix D: The Blood–Brain Barrier, Choroid Plexus, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Appendix E: Neural Networks Appendix F: Theoretical Approaches to Neuroscience: Examples from Single Neurons to Networks Kandel Principles of Neural Science 5th ed (2013).pdf
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